Update Jan, 2020:
Please visit me at the new website for my new academic writing coaching business. https://www.awpcoaching.com.  You can read about my work there and leave me a message. Or, feel free to contact me at amy@awpcoaching.com.

Update April, 2017:
I’m finding my coaching work with academic writers even more satisfying as the years roll on. I want to celebrate the success of authors I’ve worked with on book projects over the past few years whose book are now coming out. Because confidentiality is important, I won’t include names and titles. But kudos to all my clients who now have books recently published or forthcoming in the fields of:

Journalism and Hispanic Studies (Oxford University Press)
International Relations and Russian Studies (Princeton UP)
Geopolitical Politics and Energy (Harvard UP)
Religion and Sociology (Oxford University Press)
Science Fiction and Science Communication (University of Wales Press) and
Literary Criticism (University of Toronto Press).

Such projects are the work of many years of research, writing, peer review, and revision. And I could not be more proud of these wonderful authors’ dedication to their work and their success!

Update September, 2015:
Still loving my work as 
Director of Academic Writing with Academic Coaching & Writing!  Feel free to browse through my recent ACW blog series, linked here:

How Academics Lose Confidence in their Writing and How They Can Regain it.

How to Get Your Academic Writing Done: Myths and New Research about Successful Writing.

Secrets of Successful Academic Book Proposals.

My own most recent book, though, is more creative than scholarly. It is a volume of poems inspired by the life of abolitionist and feminist Sarah Grimke (Turning Point Press: 2011). The Book of Sarah is available through AmazonBarnes & Noble, and independent booksellers.

“From the heroic life of Sarah Moore Grimke, southern born abolitionist and suffragette, Brown has fashioned a book of poems that is breathtaking to read. With its Biblical resonances and keen insights, this is a book to treasure not only for its history but for its meaning in the present.”
—Alicia Ostriker, Emeriti Professor English, Rutgers University

“What a brave and beautiful book. Brown’s powerful collection of poems documents the horrors of slavery and engages with our histories in ways that have so much to teach us. Memory, these poems show us, is dangerous and ever-changing. And it must be listened to. This debut collection reveals the American past in a new light.”
Nicole Cooley, MFA Director, Queens College

“The Grimke family is most worthy poetic subject and Brown renders the characters
with tenderness and clarity.”—Natasha Trethewey, Professor of Creative Writing, Emory University and Poet Laureate of the United States