Sustainable Writers Don’t Know What They’re Writing (at least half the time!)

“So what’s your new project?” At holiday gatherings, people have been tossing this question my way like a football before settling back on the sofa for a little back-and-forth chat. My stomach lurches, though, when I see that conversational volley coming. I more »

Sustainable Publishing for Academic Authors

Since I really do follow the principles sketched out in my first three posts to this blog–balancing daily but short periods of writing, marketing, and exercising every day–this post will be short and sweet. If you’re an academic author, you more »

Sustainable Writers Swim (or jog or go to the movies with friends…)

I’ve been violating one of the big principles of sustainable writing lately by working all the time.  Sustainable writers, in my experience, work regularly, generally daily.  For two beautifully different renderings of this principle, read Anne Lamott’s first chapter of Bird by Bird and Robert Boice’s  How Writer’s journey to  Comfort more »